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Don’t you wish you knew how to make really nice little videos? Nice enough that you would feel proud to share them online? Whether it’s for promoting your business or just the ability to make entertaining little clips to show family and friends, most of us would love to have the skills to do this.  And in a perfect world, your awesome little videos would be seen by hundreds, or thousands of people, right? 

Our local community television station, KMVT 15 Silicon Valley Community Media offers all different kinds of workshops and ways of getting your messages out to the world. 

I stopped by this week while they were having a Youth Camp and it was… well, I hesitate to use the word “hilarious” but honestly, some of those kids were total comedians and they loved being in front of the camera. Others were more interested in working in the control room or operating the cameras. It was a Beginning Video Production camp that I visited. It was hands-on and immersive. 

The students were all in middle school. They ran the control room, worked all the cameras, wrote the script and did all the acting in front of the green screen.

I watched them make a video about volcanos and another one that was a silly infomercial about some chairs that they were pretending to sell. They had been given 2 days of instruction before they were turned loose with the equipment so they had a pretty good idea how it worked. Okay, that, and they were being very closely supervised. I envy their carefree-attitude and the ability to get in front of the camera and and totally go for it.

Executive Director, Bobby Chastain, also showed me another camp in progress where students were learning video game design and how to create comic books. Another popular camp is claymation. The camps are a week long (6 sessions) and usually take place when the students are on a break from school.

There are scholarships available. Thank you to the generous tech companies in Mountain View who made this possible.

You’ve probably seen the KMVT truck at community events in Mountain View, including the Art & Wine Festival, the Spring Parade, the Tree Lighting event at Christmas, and at high school sports. They also take the KMVT truck to schools for camps, as opposed to having everyone come to the studio.

You can watch them on Comcast 15 and 26 in Mountain View, Los Altos and Cupertino and on
AT&T U-Verse channel 99 throughout the Bay Area.

High School Sports: Mountain View vs Los Altos Basketball

Programming by Kids: Middle School Summer Camp

Performing Arts Coverage: Wester Ballet’s Nutcracker

Access Program: “Reference Point”

Professional Video: San Jose Museum of Art Promo


I was with KMVT for about 2 hours and the more time I spent chatting with Bobby and his office manager, Christina Hagan, the more I realize that KMVT can teach you how to do almost anything you could think of that relates to media.

  • Video production, field production, and remote production in the KMVT truck
  • Producer and director training
  • Audio training and editing videos
  • Photography and podcasting
  • And tons of other things… Check their website.

The classes can be for groups or one-on-one. They can teach you how to create something, polish something you’ve already made, or they can do everything for you if you’re looking for something more professional. 

They can distribute the videos via their television channel, Youtube channel or Roku, as long as the content meets their guidelines.They can make corporate style, documentary, or something more promotional for marketing purposes.

KMVT is a tremendously powerful resource for local nonprofits. Nonprofits are welcome to talk about their organizations on a show called “Silicon Valley NonProfits.” The show is a friendly interview and the host, Bev Lenihan, will allow the representative from the nonprofit to tell everyone what their organization does in the community. 

How would anyone ever know about all these amazing nonprofits the are quietly working behind the scenes to make Mountain View even better? I noticed that the episodes aren’t a set amount of time; the nonprofit gets to take as long as they need to get the message across. That’s nice so there isn’t pressure to fill air time. 

Nonprofits can have Public Service Announcements made. The PSAs can be either videos, slides, or PowerPoint. Call KMVT and talk to Christina if you have any questions. She’s very knowledgable on all things KMVT. 

I really enjoyed visiting the Video Production camp and I’m amazed at how many wonderful things KMVT is doing for our community. Let’s hear it for free speech and community television. I love Mountain View.

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