Leadership Mountain View

Leadership Mountain View is a nine month program that will change your life. It starts in September. Over the course of nine months, you’ll get an inside look at city/county/state government, public safety, education, business, health and human services, as well as arts, media and diversity. 

How does city government work? How does Mountain View fit into the regional picture? What are the important issues facing the local education and public safety systems? How can citizens make a difference? These are just some of the questions that you’ll get answers to when you attend the LMV course, which runs September through May, typically meeting on the second Friday of each month.

If you just moved to this area and you really want to get to know how things work in Silicon Valley/Mountain View, LMV is definitely the way to go.  Not to mention, you’ll end up connecting with some of the most incredible people in the area, your LMV classmates. 

I graduated from the program in 2006 and I still depend on many of those connections. Some of them are dear friends now, others are leaders in the community and I’m proud to say I know them. Whenever I’m at any kind of community event and I meet someone new, it’s common to ask the other person if they’re Leadership Mountain View Alumni. Once you discover they are, you feel so much closer to them because you know that they’re the kind of person who cares deeply about our community. 

The kinds of things that you get to see in the program are not available to the general public. No one else that I know gets to go on a private tour of the wind tunnel at NASA, go backstage at Shoreline Amphitheater, go behind the scenes at the SmartStation where all of our household recycling gets sorted, go on a ride-along with Mountain View Police Department, distribute food to hungry families, and learn how to search and rescue people in a smoke-filled house. Those are just some of the things I got to do. 

Before I attended the program, I thought that I knew our city really well. I had lived here for years and had even volunteered for the Art & Wine Festivalmany times. Nope. Turns out, I didn’t really know all that much. It was so eye-opening, it’s hard to explain the difference LMV made in my life. It’s definitely one of the reasons I got the job of writing the Visitors Center for the city. 

Yes, you have to miss one day of work/school a month while in the program, but what you gain from it is life-changing. I had to ask the English Dept at San Jose State if I could miss class to attend and they were so interested that one of my professors asked me to do monthly presentations to the class about what I was learning in LMV. Your employer will be thrilled to hear about what you’re learning about the city, as well as the leadership skills that the program focuses on.

When I meet city council members, or people who are running for city council, I ask them what year they attended, not “did you attend,” but what year. If you didn’t go through this program how can you possibly think you can make decisions for our community? And what better way to establish yourself as a leader-in-the-community than being able to put on LinkedIn that you just graduated from LMV?

Paul Saiedi is the executive director of LMV. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, but Paul knows all the answers, so go ahead and ask him.  Paul and I work together since ILoveMV and Leadership Mountain View are both brought to the community by the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce. I love Mountain View.

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