Paint Nite at Agave

Have you heard about Paint Nite? I kept seeing posts on Facebook about large painting events at local restaurants, so I checked one out. Okay, two of them. I went to one in Sunnyvale a month ago, and another one here in Mountain View last week.

It was at Agave Restaurant on Castro Street. Paint Nite is a popular, trendy evening activity and I had a great time. Think of it as an art class that encourages consuming lots of alcohol. 

If you go to the Paint Nite website, you get to see the upcoming paintings and you can decide whether or not you like what you’ll be going home with. 

I didn’t know ahead of time what we were painting and it didn’t matter to me. I was going with a group of friends. I think the activity itself is more fun than the actual painting that you take away, unless you happen to be an artist. If you’re a trained artist, or maybe if you don’t drink too much and you really listen to the instructor, you might be willing to hang your painting in your home. 

Buy your tickets online and plan ahead. It’s not something you can do it at the last minute. No. It always sells out, at least in Mountain View it does. 

There’s an instructor who guides everyone through the steps involved in the painting. Our teacher was Troy. He was creative and helpful as he walked around the room and offered advice to those that had questions, or if he noticed that you needed help with something specific.

Everyone is painting the same thing and it’s fascinating to see how different all the artwork is at the end. Some people try really hard to follow what the instructor says and others totally do their own thing. We were all painting an image of a (see the photo of my completed painting) dancer with feathers. 

One guy showed me his and it was of a man in tight red pants and he told me it was a self-portrait. See what I mean, you can do anything you want. 

There’s a completed painting in front of the room for you to see and the instructor is painting one at the same time as the class, so you can watch each step. It’s not difficult or intimidating. It’s fun! 

I liked how much everyone helped each other, not really with techniques or painting tips, but with kind words and encouragement. It was really a friendly room full of people and would be a perfect date night activity. The crowd was all different ages and slightly more women than men. The room held about 50 people and it was totally packed.

The restaurant servers come in and take your order while you’re painting, but there isn’t very much room on the table so don’t order something large. I think a drink and maybe a small appetizer would be perfect. My group met in the bar about an hour before the class started and ate so we didn’t order food once we started painting. It was a fun activity and would be great to do with a group of friends. 

Purchase your tickets in advance and try looking online for coupon code. Our instructor asked us to use the code “TROY20” in the future. Yes, I would be willing to go to Paint Nite again. I love Mountain View.

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