VIP Concerts at Shoreline

concertWe’re proud of Shoreline Amphitheatre and we remember the day it opened with Julio Iglesias on stage back in 1986. We were all just kids back then. We think it’s finally time for you to consider upgrading from your current lawn seats and becoming a VIP. You can purchase Box Seats for the entire concert season or just to certain shows. You won’t have to wait in the concession lines because we’ll tell them how special you are and we’ll make sure they give you awesome parking as you arrive through the VIP entrance. They’ll even have a special restroom for you. You’ll be treated like royalty, but without the velvet cape and the heavily jeweled crown*. Go to the Shoreline Amphitheatre website before the next concert season starts and get in touch with Debbie at to make arrangements for your VIP experience. We don’t know why, but it’s so much more fun when you’re close enough to actually see the band sweat!

 If you are interested in the crown and the velvet cape, please swing by Diddams on your way to Shoreline. Who are we judge what you wear to a concert?