Jazz at Dana Street Coffee

I love the feeling that I get at Dana Street Roasting Company. It feels like I'm at home and there are a bunch of really nice strangers in my living room. Some of them are busy computing and others want to visit with everyone around them, but the point is that I feel right at home. It's always been like that at Dana Street Coffee. The employees seem to be the same ones for years and years, which means they're relatively happy and the coffee is the best. Their website actually says that they aim "to serve the best coffee humanly possible" and I think they have achieved their goal.

When I was there last Saturday evening this band was playing so I shot this short little video. I've seen them here many times before. Some of the live music is listed on their website, but not all of it. Here's a link to the "shows" page on their website. I suppose you could call and ask about upcoming shows. But if you happen to be in the area on a weekend evening, swing by and see if anything is going on. You won't be disappointed. I love downtown Mountain View.