Drum Circles at East West Books

Have you checked out the events calendar at East West Bookshop lately? If you’re new to the area, I recommend it. East West Bookshop is one of those special places that makes Mountain View so unique.

I have some friends that regularly attend drum circle events in the area and they invited me to go to one at East West with them. They have their own drums, as do lots of the other people that go, but there are just as many people, like me, who show up empty-handed and use a loaner drum. If you haven’t attended a drum circle in the last 20 years, you need to go to one. It’s probably pretty different from what you might be thinking. All different ages were in the group of 65 or 70 people, even a few kids.

The leader of the circle, David DiLullo, is charming and energetic and easily gets everyone laughing. There are a few friends of his that sit beside him and they help him demonstrate what he wants everyone to do. You know… a little drum demo by the pros, then everyone does it together.

David gives the group a little bit of the history of drumming, “the oldest sacred rhythm in the world” and mentioned that by being part of the dum circle, our brains were forming new connections. It’s good for you and puts the listener in a meditative state of mind.

He makes the event feel very supportive and friendly and tells you that the person next to you isn’t judging you or even listening to you, so relax and enjoy the drumming. I liked that he said to visualize your tensions falling away, visualize the color of your essence and trust the chair that you’re sitting on. I had complete trust in my chair.

One of the women that I went with has been drumming for years and she never tells her family where she’s going. On Saturday she was at one of her kid’s houses. When it was time for her to leave for drum circle in Mountain View, she had to say why she needed to get going and they finally discovered what their Mom has been up to! One even said “Now we know what to get you for Christmas, a drum” and she informed them that she already has one. You just never know those secret drummers are. 

I’ve been to many events at East West Bookshop over the years and to a few of their special events, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil. I love having this store in the middle of our community; they’re part of what makes our city so unique. Here’s a link to their events calendar. Check out an upcoming lecture or workshop on a subject that you’re unfamiliar with and be sure to keep shopping local. I love Mountain View.